Thursday, August 13, 2009

Europe: Self-Discoveries and Advice - #1

I learned a lot in Europe, a lot about myself and what to do, and not to do while there. Life is a little crazy being back home, but I want to pass on the pearls of wisdom I gained. So I will attempt to do this over the next few weeks. One pearl at a time.

I have never been a sweets person, not a big chocolate fan, I generally prefer cheese. However, I discovered something in Europe that completely altered my sweet/salty priorities. It's called the Magnum Classic.
Normally you don't want to quote from the company marketing spiel, as it's clearly bias, but in this case their description is right on: The crack of the Magnum chocolate as you bite in, followed by the contrast of the smooth and silky ice cream transports you away to a land of luxury...the original, pinnacle of pleasure, Magnum Classic. Everything, from the bronzy wrapper, to fine-grain wooden stick, to the monogrammed 'M', to the rich chocolate, to the delectable vanilla bean ice cream on every all says 'pinnacle of pleasure'.

I became so addicted that people would have to physically restrain me to prevent me from buying one. I once had four in one day. My name is Jennifer and I have a problem...but I don't care, it's heaven in an ice cream bar and if I was back there I'd do it all again!

So, Europe advice: Seek out Magnum Classics for a refreshing, luxurious, delicious, artisan treat on hot afternoons. Beats the heck out of Gelato.

Warning: You may experience withdrawals once you've returned to the U.S., a barren land devoid of these, one of life's greatest pleasures. Symptoms include: late night grocery store raids searching for Magnum substitutes only to be disappointed by the unworthy Dove bars, frantic internet googling Magnums with the hope that someone, somewhere brings this joy to deprived U.S. citizens, and finally, massive consumption of all things sweet - aka over-compensation.