Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Groupon Addiction

If you haven't tried Groupon or sites like it.....you've got to start! Here are just a few examples of how I've benefited:

  • Cutlery - Well of course I don't have enough cutlery, how could I say no? (I now have at least 6 forks and 12 knives that have never been used - they just sit in the drawer and never make it into the rotation. Don't seem to have this problem with spoons.)
  • Vitamins - Everyone always says I should take vitamins and now's my chance! Never mind the fact that they taste like alfalfa and I tried one and threw the rest out. It was a bargain so I really didn't waste money - only $40 when it should have been $80!
  • Watch - I was thinking I might possibly need a watch and hey - 50% off! I've worn it once in a year but again, it was a deal so that's ok.
  • Vietnamese/Mexican Fusion Cuisine - Oh that restaurant sounds good - I know it's 30 minutes away and I may not know anyone interested in this particular kind of fusion. But of course I'll come up with a reason to get there - it's such a great deal.
  • Games - I love games, I'm sure I'll want to buy one soon so why not get a discount.
  • Camelbak backpack - I was just on a hike the other day and envying someone's camelback - now I can have one of my own for the 2.3 hikes I take per year.
  • Contact lenses (yes it really did get this bad) - I have to squint to read small print far away lately, so I bet I'll be needing some sort of vision help. I need to take advantage of this deal now for when I have to get them for real.* ** *** ****
*Note: You can't just buy lenses without a prescription. 
**Note 2: You need to find an eye doctor to check your vision - the little chart in the hall of the doctor'a office is not enough. 
***Note 3: If I were to need vision help, I'd have to go with glasses - I tried sticking something in my eye and it did not work. 
****Note 4: Upon trying some glasses on, I discover my ears are lopsided - now on the lookout for a Groupon for ear-adjusting plastic surgery

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Library Missing from My Genes

As I go through life, I realize more and more all the things I don't know. Some of this is normal, but what I'm talking about in this case are things that seem to be inherently obvious to most around me (women specifically) but somehow did not make it into my genetic code. My first thought when I don't know something is to Google it....but I think I need more than search results or wikipedia here. I need books, large volumes, and probably a tutor to go with them. If anyone knows of books like these, please let me know:

  • Matching for Dummies - Beyond the black shoe/brown belt faux pax. 
  • The Vocabulary of Hair - Speak the language of the Salon!
  • Love The Burn - Making running your life's passion
    • For me, in the case of running this is probably a more reasonable title: Lessons in Performing - how to make everyone think running is your favorite hobby
  • Purses Explained.
  • Walking Made Easy? No Thanks: How evolution took the fun out of trying to walk upright and how high heels bring it back
  • The People You Meet in Your Dreams or Sleepwear Selection - you thought it was about comfort?
  • The Big Book of Terms You Should Know Before Using and/or Questions You Should Never Ask a Stranger - Vulva, Dipstick, and more!
I'm sure there are millions more titles to put on my list...but I think these six would be a good start.