Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Utah vs. BYU

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with sports.

I'm in the middle of my third semester at the U, finishing the Philosophy degree I started at the Y. This is the list of things I've noticed (so far) that work a little differently at each school:

At the U
Choosing a seat:
It was all about keeping a low profile (in the back) and having the most comfortable chair.
It’s all about avoiding lung cancer. Just trying not to sit next to classmates with secondhand smoke wafting off of them.
Religious Questions from Classmates or Professors:
"Which of the prominent ethical theories matches best with the teachings of the Book of Mormon?"
Note: My answer is Ethical Egoism.
“Is anyone familiar with modern Mormon theology as it relates to the consumption of chocolate covered espresso beans?"

Also, “Do Mormons allow BLANK?” Note: Blank usually refers to various sexual terms which, I admit, I usually have to look up on Urban Dictionary. Now I know that a good rule of thumb for any future questions - if I have to look something up on Urban Dictionary, the answer as it relates to Mormon values is probably, "Ummmm...no." 
Bad. Parking tickets galore!
Bad. I couldn’t get a parking ticket if I wanted to because there aren’t even any illegal parking spots available!
Talking to Professors:
It can be a little awkward to refer to a professor as “Brother Smith.”
It’s EXTREMELY awkward to refer to a professor as “Brother” anything. Bad mistake. Way worse than calling your elementary school teacher "Mom." 
The Weekends:
80’s dancing, country dancing, going to the “hot pots,” hiking the Y. And was the weird one who never did that stuff.
Almost a year of interacting with other students without even ONE reference to 80’s dancing, country dancing, hot pots, or hiking any letter of the alphabet, Y or U.
“I was reading D&C 84 last night and...”
“I was a little loaded last night and..."
Caffeine on Campus: 
“I’m going over to the gas station between classes for a Mountain Dew run…you need any?”
“This latte is from the little deli in the Humanities building, but I like the ones made in the MFA cafĂ© better.”

Tattoos, and piercings and beards…oh my!

Note: I did not intend to convey a preference for either school in this post. If I failed...well maybe I can't help it.